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Water technologies must constantly evolve to adapt to the scarcity of resources, increasing demands of consumers and ever more stringent quality standards. Today, Veolia Water Technologies meets the needs of customers in terms of control with AQUAVISTATM – a modular solution that guarantees flexibility in choosing the level of service suited to your needs. Thanks to the power of algorithms, you can safely connect to it at any time, from anywhere.


AQUAVISTATM: What’s it about?

Sensitive fields, such as drinking water treatment and effluent treatment, have gone digital to become much more sophisticated in recent decades. As a result, Veolia Water Technologies designed AQUAVISTATM to meet the new expectations of customers, whether that’s municipalities or industry professionals. Regardless of the process, AQUAVISTATM makes it easy to continuously monitor water quality.
AQUAVISTATM is a digital portal that gives you access to all of Veolia’s water cycle expertise for the optimal and continuous monitoring of your installations thanks to digitalisation. Compatible with multiple connected Veolia technologies and providing real time feedback, AQUAVISTATM makes it easy to monitor the level of resource consumption, the output flow of a circuit as well as the purity level of process water – via a series of completely customisable dashboards.
The AQUAVISTATM digital suite offers all professionals and communities a coherent and effective solution for improving the environmental impact of water treatment facilities while maximising value.

4 Minutes to discover AQUAVISTA™

An all-in-one digital service for intelligent water management

Aquavista a new vision

AQUAVISTATM is a truly digital suite enabling the complete monitoring of your fixed installations and mobile water treatment units.


A customer portal dedicated to remote monitoring and reporting, providing a complete overview of all your data.
AQUAVISTATM is a cloud-based service, meaning it is operated from a remote yet fully secure server. This enables a single point of entry for all platform subscribers, and this smart digital water solution guarantees simpler management for each process engineer and site operator. You remotely monitor equipment data in real time and receive alerts on your portal, tablet or smartphone.
The AQUAVISTATM solution is specifically designed for professionals needing access to sensitive water treatment facility data. At any time and from anywhere, you can be sure that the key security steps have been integrated into the AQUAVISTATM solution.


AQUAVISTA™ Insight: a data-driven performance optimisation tool

The AQUAVISTATM Insight tools rely on the fundamentals of data visualisation to automatically generate dashboards that are concise, easy to interpret and immediately operational. For industries as well as municipalities, the availability and accuracy of information is essential for decision making related to wastewater treatment and drinking water distribution.
Thanks to smart digitalisation, synthetic data is automatically fed back, enabling you to freely determine a series of key performance indicators (KPIs) including analyses of the financial and operational performance of equipment.


AQUAVISTA™ Assist: access to the network of process experts for real-time support

AQUAVISTATM Assist is a digital solution enabling our clients to access Veolia's expertise and providing access to timely advice via a communication and data platform – as well as remote training and technical assistance.
Whether for sludge management, hydrocarbon treatment, green chemicals or filtration systems, our process engineers are at your disposal to help you get the most out of your installations in all circumstances.


AQUAVISTA™ Plant: a solution for real-time optimisation of the performance of water treatment process

The AQUAVISTATM digital suite is an innovative solution for many companies and local authorities. It’s part of our customers' sustainable development strategy to guarantee:

  • performance monitoring
  • seamless traceability
  • optimisation of water treatment processes

AQUAVISTATM  is a valuable ally for many professionals highly dependent on water resources, including laboratories and those working in the pharmaceutical industry.

What are the advantages of the AQUAVISTATM suite?

Aquavista Security

AQUAVISTATM digital solutions are distinguished by their perfect modularity and ability to adapt to any water treatment installation commissioned by the Veolia Group. Whether you need to monitor a single technology or function (such as anaerobic digestion, desalination, deodorization etc) or in fact a whole range of equipment that incorporates the entire water cycle, our digital suite provides everything you need – and only that.
On a large scale, the AQUAVISTATM digital system can monitor a factory’s complete industrial process, or control the quality of water in a municipal installation throughout the entire circuit. Process engineers and site operators have all relevant information at their fingertips for faster, more informed decision-making.
Whether you want to optimise the management of drinking water, process water or wastewater at your installation, a digital, integrated and all-in-one solution like AQUAVISTATM guarantees the best performance.


Aquavista Flexibility

Customer statement

“We are very satisfied with the new Veolia Performance Monitoring service. This really is a high value service which helps us to reduce operational cost and improve the reliability of our water treatment plant. Veolia's digitalization strategy is the right step to differentiate its services further from competition!”


AQUAVISTA™, Veolia’s Digital Platform, Chosen to Support the Wastewater Operation at Major US Power Plant.