The ultimate clarifier

Flocculation and sedimentation process with patented micro sand

A Veolia-patented high-performance water clarifier for municipal and industrial water treatment.

Actiflo® is a range of products offering a high rate and compact water clarification process. It has been exclusively developed and patented by Veolia Water Technologies. With more than 1,000 references all over the world, Actiflo® has been in use for municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment for over 25 years.

Actiflo® is ideal for drinking water and is particularly efficient in treating algal bloom, phosphorus removal, and reducing taste and odour associated with algae. With its very short hydraulic residence time and quick treatment within a few minutes, Actiflo® easily handles rapid raw water load and/or flow fluctuations.


We design and manage innovative solutions for a wide range of water and wastewater treatment applications.

Water pretreatment solutions for all types of feed and influent water.
Technologies for safe, environmentally compliant wastewater treatment systems and sewage treatment plant operations.
Technologies for optimising boiler feed water and cooling tower feed to minimise chemical usage.
Total water management solutions for process and wastewater recovery and recycling.


ACTIFLO® Brochure (1.37 MB)

Actiflo® Pack (MINI series)

The pre-engineered Actiflo® Pack (MINI series) is a very compact standard package plant for drinking water treatment.
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ACTIFLO® Disc is a polishing solution designed to achieve high removal levels of suspended solids and phosphorus in municipal and industrial wastewater for water reuse.


Actiflo® Duo is a two in one ready-to-use system designed to adjust to substantial fluctuations in wastewater flows to be treated.
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Designed to reduce the amount of sludge produced and related water losses, Actiflo® HCS (for High Concentration Sludge) is an Actiflo system equipped with an outside recycling loop.
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ACTIFLO® Pack ACP2 (series)

The Ultimate Microsand enhanced clarifier.

ACTIFLO® Softening

ACTIFLO® Softening removes hardness and alkalinity to improve water quality for municipalities and industries.
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BIOACTIFLO™ is a process designed for treatment of stormwater and reduction of its soluble BOD.
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ACTIFLO® CARB –prosessissa yhdistyvät ACTIFLO® -selkeytyksen tehokkuus ja aktiivihiilen adsorptio-ominaisuudet poistettaessa mm. haitallisia yhdisteitä.