ACTIFLO® Pack ACP2 (series)

The Ultimate Microsand enhanced clarifier

The Actiflo® Pack is a very compact and fully standardized clarifier package plant. It can be used for various applications such as drinking water, process water as well as municipal and industrial wastewater and reuse.

This product range is based on the Actiflo process developed by Veolia that uses microsand and polymer in the floculation tank to increase settling velocity. Veolia has more than 20 years of design, commissioning and operational experience. Over 1,800 Actiflo units have been installed worlwide by Veolia, including more than 900 package plants. This package plant is integrating the continuous innovation carried out by Veolia in order to always stay on the cutting edge to meet customer needs and performance excellence.  

The ACTIFLO® Pack range offers two products : 


Features and benefits : 

  • High treatment efficiency: turbidity and TSS removal up to > 99%; treats all water and wastewater sources
  • Extremely quick start-up time: reaches treatment efficiency within few minutes
  • Process stability: the microsand buffers the effect of raw water flow or load variations, making the process very user friendly and easy to operate
  • Efficient in cold water applications: suitable for use also in Nordic regions
  • Fully standardized design: complete documentation readily available
  • Numerous standard options and alternatives to enhance performances and monitoring


Options : 

  • Extra monitoring
  • Control panel alternatives
  • Process optimizations

Applications : 

  • Industrial process water: surface/ground water treatment, pre-treatment to membrane and ion exchange systems
  • Municipal and industrial wastewater treatment: primary/secondary/tertiary treatment, biofilter backwash water and trickling filter effluents
  • Stormwater and combined sewer overflow treatment, reverting to effluent polishing during dry weather
  • Recycling/reuse of municipal and industrial effluents


ACTIFLO® Pack ACP 2 Datasheet (453.58 KB)
Actiflo® Pack ACP2 Brochure (2.46 MB)

Services : 

  • Complete assembly done in workshop before dismantling for transport
  • Extensive Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT)

Consumables & spare parts:

  • Hydrocyclones (polyurethane devices used to separate sludge from sand)


Actiflo® Pack (MINI series)

The pre-engineered Actiflo® Pack (MINI series) is a very compact standard package plant for drinking water treatment.
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ACTIFLO® Disc is a polishing solution designed to achieve high removal levels of suspended solids and phosphorus in municipal and industrial wastewater for water reuse.


Actiflo® Duo is a two in one ready-to-use system designed to adjust to substantial fluctuations in wastewater flows to be treated.
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Designed to reduce the amount of sludge produced and related water losses, Actiflo® HCS (for High Concentration Sludge) is an Actiflo system equipped with an outside recycling loop.
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ACTIFLO® Softening

ACTIFLO® Softening removes hardness and alkalinity to improve water quality for municipalities and industries.
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BIOACTIFLO™ is a process designed for treatment of stormwater and reduction of its soluble BOD.
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Veolian patentoima, tehokas selkeytysprosessi kuntien ja teollisuuden vesien kemialliseen käsittelyyn.


ACTIFLO® CARB –prosessissa yhdistyvät ACTIFLO® -selkeytyksen tehokkuus ja aktiivihiilen adsorptio-ominaisuudet poistettaessa mm. haitallisia yhdisteitä.