Hydrotech Scheibenfilter

Hydrotech Drumfilter

Patented mechanical self-cleaning drumfilter for municipal and industrial recovery water applications.

The Hydrotech Drumfilter is a mechanical self-cleaning filter designed for systems where it is essential to prevent particles from fragmenting. The modular design makes it easy to maintain and adapt the filter to your flow capacity and performance requirements. It provides an easy way to handle solids, preventing fragmentation and delivering high filtration efficiency. 
The Hydrotech Drumfilter utilises a modular design to give high flexibility and is available with a choice of drum and tank materials for use in different environments.

How Hydrotech Microscreen Drumfilters Work 

The Hydrotech Microscreens are mechanical, self-cleaning filters. Water, laden with solids, flows through the filter due to gravity, without any additional pressure. The solids are caught on the inside of the screen and clean water is used to backwash rinse the system, taking the solids to the sludge trough. Hydrotech Drumfilter systems are designed to achieve high performance in systems where particle fragmentation must be prevented. The absence of pressure along with few moving parts ensures long system life and low maintenance costs

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